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What We Do

Guidance & Advice

We can provide you with customer insight to determine:

  • Who your disabled customers are and what are their challenges.
  • How you currently meet their needs and requirements.
  • Your Business Strategy.
  • Your Organisational Culture.
  • Whether your business has Quality Standards. If so, what they are.
  • Whether you have an Accessible Strategy.
  • Your legal and ethical obligations for your disabled customers.
  • If your business, and your employees, are Disability Confident.

Service & Quality Evaluation

We can conduct comprehensive evaluation of your business to determine:

  • Customer service levels for all your customer types.
  • Public information detail e.g., are your websites, leaflets, posters fit for purpose?
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of your processes and procedures.
  • Complaints and compliments.
  • Personnel assessment e.g., quality & knowledge levels, skills & behaviour, uniform & appearance, as well as motivation vs remuneration.
  • Organise Journey Mapping workshops.
  • Arrange Mystery Shopper exercises.

Learning & Development

We can appraise your Training: Accessible Travel Consultancy Services

  • Methods, style, quality, and content i.e., legal and legislation, disability awareness, dignity & empathy understanding and customer service skills.
  • Environment, classroom vs workplace, post training policy, mentoring & coaching procedures.
  • Support your trainers with modules delivered by disabled people.
  • Help your staff – be they PRM assistance agents, Security, ground crew or customer liaison – to become Disability Confident and ambassadors for your brand.

Infrastructure & Accommodation

We can audit your business to determine accessibility and suitability:

  • Be it an airport terminal building, hotel or villa, accessible transportation, leisure facilities and tourist attractions. All points in your customers end-to-end journey, to ensure that they are accessible and seamless.
  • This can include signage, wayfinding, and the adjacent environment. As well as your website & customer literature – is it 1. Easy to find 2. In accessible formats 3. Reliable 4. Accurate 5. Up to date
  • We can also assist with ongoing audit reviews and support with recruiting accessible suppliers.

User Experience Groups

We operate a pan disability network around the UK comprising of charity representatives and service users who can:

  • Provide unique insight into the voice of the customer.
  • Help conduct service levels and customer experience reviews of your business.
  • Design and deliver Customer Experience workshops and Journey Mapping sessions.
  • Set up and structure formalised Consultative Committees or Forums.
  • Support with complaint resolution cases.

Equipment & Technology

We can review and evaluate your assistance equipment and PRM assistance technology:

  • Passenger agent tracking & communication devices.
  • Ambu-lifts, aisle chairs, slings, hoists wheelchairs. As well as repatriation policy and awareness & care policy for power wheelchairs and accessibility equipment.
  • Accessible & Changing Places toilets, pool hoists, profiling beds, as well as a large variety of support aids and equipment to enable a disabled guest to maximise their leisure experience.